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Hersheypark Arena’s original Zamboni resurfaces

With a new hockey season upon us, I’m dusting off a piece I wrote in 2011 for my short-lived online hockey magazine, Pennsylvania Puck.  Here’s an aphorism worthy of the farmer’s almanac: old Zambonis don’t die, they just keep resurfacing.

How Letterman’s home office ended up in Lebanon, Pa.

Here’s a David Letterman story that involves a Jay other than Leno. It’s about how 25 years ago, Jay Putt and Karl “Skip” Wolf, friends since seventh grade, got Letterman to move his TV show’s fictitious “home office” to their

Postcard from North Carolina: bullish on downtown Durham

The first time I visited Durham, N.C., was in summer 1993. It was a solo pilgrimage in what was supposed to be the final season of minor league baseball at Durham Athletic Park (DAP), which was immortalized in the 1987